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Planning & Zoning Department

Park County Original Courthouse
1002 Sheridan Ave. Suite 109 Cody, WY 82414
Cody: (307) 527-8540, Powell: (307) 754-8540

Office Hours:
8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday

Appointments are strongly recommended.

Park County is developing a
Natural Resource Management Plan
for State and Federal Lands.
Click here to learn more and take a survey!

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for the administration of the County's Development Standards and Regulations. Following are the types of permits processed by this department:

  • Building/Zoning Permits
    • Required to locate, relocate, erect or construct any building or structure; enlarge the outside dimensions of any building or structure; and reconstruct any building or structure within the designated floodplain.
    • Required to change the use of any building or structure or change the use or occupancy rating of a building so as to increase the building's sewage design flow.
    • Required to occupy an RV/camper for more than 90 days per annum.
    • Site Plan Review may be required.
  • Small Wastewater System Permits
    • Required for new systems/components, replacement systems/components and repairs to any system component.
    • Required for emergency installations and repairs.
    • Installation of any system component may not commence without an approved Small Wastewater System permit.
    • County and/or DEQ review is required for the disposal of human waste, by any means, in Park County. Outhouses, privvies, greywater systems and similar proposals require review.
  • Floodplain Development Permits
    • Construction proposed in a mapped Special Flood Hazard Area in unincorporated Park County requires a permit.
    • If you are unsure of which types of construction require a permit, consult the County Development Standards and Regulations or call/stop by the Planning and Zoning Department.
    • All floodplain development permit applications go before the Board of County Commissioners in a public hearing.
  • Subdivision Permits
    • Required for Simple Subdivisions, Minor Subdivisions, Major Subdvisions and Non-Exempt Large-Acre (35+ acre) Subdivisions.
  • Special Use Permits
    • Required before commencing with or establishing any use specified in Chapter IV, Section 2.e. Table 4-1 in the County Development Standards and Regulations.
    • Site Plan Review may be required.

The Planning and Zoning Department also handles Site Plan Reviews (when required), zoning/rezoning, variance requests and violations of the County Development Standards and Regulations.

Building Code: Unincorporated Park County has not adopted building codes. We do not issue Certificates of Occupancy or Certificates of Completion.

Snow Loads: T
o estimate snow load amounts, visit the USFS "National Snow Load Information" website.

Wiring and Fire Protection Inspections: The State Fire Marshal's Office in Cheyenne handles electrical wiring permits and fire protection plan review for certain types of construction.