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Exemptions from Subdivision Review

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Exemptions From Subdivision Review

The Wyoming Real Estate Subdivision Act W.S. § 18-5-303 establishes several exemptions from the requirement that subdivisions undergo review and be issued a subdivision permit by the County.

Unless the method of sale or other disposition is adopted for the purpose of evading the provisions of this article, this article shall not apply to the following subdivisions of land. However, the following subdivisions are subject to requirements which may be adopted by the Board of County Commissioners regarding documentation of the proper use and implementation of the following exemptions:


Family Divisions are a division of land made outside of platted subdivisions for the purpose of a single gift or sale to a member of the landowner’s immediate family and shall be exempt from the subdivision permit requirement, subject to the following requirements:


The subdivision permit requirement shall not apply to the sale or other disposition of land where the parcels involved are 35 acres or larger, subject to the requirement that ingress and egress and utility easements shall be provided to each parcel by binding and recordable easements of not less than 40 nor more than 60 feet in width to a public road unless specifically waived by the grantee or transferee in a binding and recordable document. All parcels created pursuant to this exemption shall have access as required by Ch. IV Sec.3b(1).


The following types of divisions of land shall be exempt from the subdivision permit requirement:


Revised September 2015