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Small Wastewater System Permit Application Package


2015 Development Standards and Regulations (September 15, 2015)

Park County Small Wastewater System Regulations

Wyoming Water Quality Rules and Regulations Chapter 25

SWW Chapter 25, Table 2: Non-Residential Wastewater Design Flow Rates


Small Wastewater Systems

Delegated Official:
The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality delegated the authority and responsibility to enforce and administer the provisions of W.S. 35-11-301(a)(iii) and (v) for small wastewater facilities to Park County. The delegation agreement includes the authority to do the following:

Kim Dillivan is currently the Small Wastewater Administrator and Delegated Local Official for Park County. In addition to Kim, the Planning Director is a Delegated Local Official.

Small Wastewater System Permit:
A small wastewater system permit is required before construction of a small wastewater treatment facility can commence.

Small Wastewater System Permit Application Package:
A Small Wastewater System Permit Application Package is required for any new construction/install, replacement or repair of a small wastewater treatment facility within unincorporated areas of Park County. The application should ONLY be used for conventional systems (septic tank and leachfield) with a wastewater flow of less than 2,000 gallons per day. The system design must comply with the minimum requirements of the Wyoming Water Quality Rules and Regulations, Chapter 25. Only those pages which are applicable to your system must be submitted in addition to the application.

Basic Septic Installation Process Overview:
*Not all installations will follow this exact process. Exceptions are possible.*

1) Obtain a Septic Permit Application from the Planning and Zoning Department.
2) Conduct groundwater exploration cut and percolation tests.
3) Design system. For non-residential systems, refer to Chapter 25, Table 2 to help estimate design flow rates.
4) Submit Septic Permit Application to the Planning and Zoning Department.
5) Obtain county-issued Permit to Construct BEFORE you start construction.
6) Install system according to approved design specifications. DO NOT BACKFILL any component of the system.
7) SWW Administrator inspects system before backfilling occurs.
8) Obtain county-issued permission to backfill.

PLEASE CALL OR STOP BY IF YOU NEED HELP! We will try to make the process as simple as possible.