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Park County Leadership Institute

Park County Leadership Institute was established in spring 1996. The Institute is coordinated by a Steering Committee and Board of Directors with representation from the following: Agriculture, Business and Industry, Chambers of Commerce, City and County Governments, Educational Institutions, Health Care Industry, Local Institutions and Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations. 


The Park County Leadership Institute builds a solid pathway to leadership by cultivating relationships, enhancing skills and empowering individuals.


  • Encourage individuals to build and enhance relationships within their business and community
  • Balance personal and professional growth
  • Develop dynamic leadership skills through education
  • Inspire participants to take on leadership roles through interactive learning experiences


The Park County Leadership Institute is open to emerging and established leaders who wish to increase their skills, knowledge and participation in the community.

The Institute consists of eight full-day sessions, usually held the second Friday of each month, October through May. Sessions rotate between Powell, Meeteetse, and Cody. Attendance is required for the first session and is expected at all monthly sessions. Participants must attend 6 of 8 sessions, a minimum of six Community Based Experiences and three board meetings during the course to graduate.


"PCLI was great for me in that it helped me to do some hard looking at myself as a leaer. It helped me to see my strengths and weaknesses and also helped me realize that there were some things that needed to be changed in my life. Overall, I believe that I am a better leader as a result of my participation"

~~Jesse Sauskojus

"Now I believe that the sky is the limit in what I choose to do. I regret that I didn't have PCLI about 30 years ago instead of at a time I would like to retire! The most useful thing I learned, and am continuing to learn, is how to be a great leader. It is a conscious effort just like making a successful marriage, and being a great leader is important in my job as well as in my family and organizations that I belong to."

~~Sherry Long