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Marriage Information:

Marriage Licenses are obtained in the County Clerk’s Office.  The application for a Wyoming marriage license falls under Wyoming Statutes §20-1-101 through §20-1-113.

Legal Age:


Other Information Required From Both Parties:

Associated Fee:

Other Information:

The Park County Clerk’s office does not arrange for an official to perform the ceremony. Following is a list of individuals who are qualified to perform marriage ceremonies and have offered their names and contact information. Each official sets his/her own fee and schedule.

Judge James Allison 307-754-5749
*Rev. Mary K. Barbee 307-587-6597
*Rev. Larry Burkhart 307-899-0257
Debra Franklin 307-250-3643
*Sylvia Gams 307-548-7279, 307-548-7111
Pat Honstain 307-254-0011
*John O. Housel 307-587-4216
Tom Keegan 307-587-2385
Sandra S. Kitchen 307-754-2276
Lindsey Krause 307-690-7016
Rev. Dr. Randy Leisey 307-250-2149
Peggy A. Potter 307-587-5994
*Meg Sommers 307-587-3536
Robert Stevens 307-587-9472
*Jill Welch 307-578-8888
*Mathew Winslow 307-587-2385
*Amy Woods 307-272-3090
* Individuals marked with an asterisk may consider performing ceremonies outside of their home towns. This may include areas in Yellowstone National Park, if schedules and circumstances allow.