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Park County Commissioner's Virtual Meetings


The below link should be used by the general public and those who only need to WATCH the live Commissioners' Meeting.

YouTube Live Stream


These methods should be used by individuals who need to PARTICIPATE in the Commissioners' Meeting. There are two methods to participate:

1. Participate via computer. This link is to be used by individuals with a computer, a web cam, and a microphone.

GoToMeeting Computer Access Link

2. Participate via telephone ONLY. Below is a telephone number and access code that users can dial to participate via telephone only.

     Telephone Number:
     Access Code:

Individuals are encouraged to ONLY use these GoToMeeting methods when they must interact with the meeting. Otherwise, they should use the YouTube link for viewing only.

Participants are also reminded to MUTE their computer microphone or telephone audio, when not actively participating, to prevent background noise from interfering with the meeting.