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US Citizen, 18 years old on election day, resident of Park County, not a convicted felon (unless rights have been restored), not adjudicated mentally incompetent.

You will need to show photo identification to register.  Additionally, you must provide a valid Wyoming driver’s license number if one has been issued to you, or if you have not been issued a Wyoming driver’s license, you must provide your social security number and another form of ID.

15 days or more before the election

Register at the Elections Office or Town Hall.  Bring photo ID.

Elections Office: 1002 Sheridan Avenue, Cody (307) 527-8620
Powell City Hall: 270 N Clark St., Powell (307) 754-5106
Meeteetse Town Hall: 910 Park Avenue, Meeteetse (307) 868-2278

Less than 15 days before the election

Register and vote by absentee ballot at the Elections Office Bring photo ID

Register and vote at the Polls on Election Day.  Bring photo ID
You may need to wait in a line so please allow extra time.

Register by Mail

Go to the Wyoming Secretary of State Web Page. See item 2 under ‘How do I Register to Vote’.  Remember to take photo ID to the Notary Public.  Sign the voter Registration Application in front of a Notary Public.  Enclose copies of the ID shown to the Notary with your completed Voter Registration Application.  Be aware that Federal law requires a voter who has registered by mail to present photo ID prior to voting for the first time after registering.

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